Experiencing winter and a pandemic at once, this year marks the first of its kind. With a decade of experience in exterior home repair, our staff at Windy City has compiled an essential list of things to do to make sure your home is prepared for the cold season. With preparation, your home won't just feel cozy during the colder months, it will become a revived source of protection against surroundings of uncertainty. 



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First on our list is:

Seal All Gaps and Cracks Around Windows and Doors

We highly recommend weather stripping. When done correctly it can keep your home warm in the winter. It also may reduce your heating bill by up to 20%.  Whether it’s foam or v-seal, both will have a very positive impact on the climate within your household. You don't need to be any kind of an expert to install it, either. Chicago roofers, roofers in Chicago, Roofers Near Me, Roof Repair


Next Up Is Our Speciality:

Make Sure Your Roof Is In Good Condition

This is far too often overlooked. If you're not comfortable getting up on your roof, don't worry; you can use binoculars to have a thorough look. If you spot any missing or damaged shingles, that could very well indicate the potential of a bigger problem once temperatures drop. In examining your roof, if you find out there is noticeable damage, it would be wise to schedule an inspection. 

Many roofing companies may charge for an inspection but some won't charge a thing. At Windy City we've been offering free inspections for years. We advise all of our clientele to never to spend money when you don't have to. Your roof may qualify to be replaced with little to no out of pocket expense. Check out our other blog to learn more about that. 


Tip Number Three:

Make Sure Your Gutters & Downspouts are Clean 

If you haven’t cleared the leaves and twigs out of your gutters an ice dam can occur during the winter. This can lead to an expensive repair. Spending a little extra time before the snow begins to fall will save you from headaches in the long run. 

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Last But Not Least:

Trim Any Tree Branches That Look Problematic

Winter can be rough on tree branches. The ice combined with snow tests their strength. Old branches often crack and fall during colder weather. If a branch falls on your roof, then you could be in for a big problem. We advise you to trim any branches hovering directly over your roof. Awareness of tree branches against and over your home may save you from a headache.

If you feel your home isn't quite ready for winter and would like a second opinion, please feel free to reach out to us at any time for a complimentary inspection.